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Building a Community of Art Lovers

Amplifying Artist Voices

Simplifying the Artist-Collector Experience 

Exclusive Early Access to Artist Drops

Art is incredibly powerful; it can make us dance, cry, and everything in between! We wish to cultivate a community of people who believe in the value of art, rather than continually ask ‘‘what is the utility?’

At Artverse, we believe an artist’s sales should be based on the quality of their work, not how well they can market themselves. Artverse is a platform that helps artists gain exposure for their work without having to beat the algorithm. 

​We are streamlining the collecting experience by removing the noise so artists can concentrate on creating and collectors never miss a drop from their favorite artist!

Artverse artists can provide exclusive access and prices to Artverse collectors before their work is available to the general public.

What is Artvese?
Holder Benefits



Artists and collectors become part of the Artverse.


Artverse collectors sign up for email notifications.


Artists inform Artverse about their art.


Artverse sends Artverse collectors newsletters with exclusive early access, and features art on our website. We also have many benefits for artists such as 1/1 coaching, virtual galleries opportunities, prizes, and more! 



Stillness at that Tree 
grants lifetime membership to the ARTVERSE
(for as long as holders hold it)



Stillness at that Tree by Jess Santos



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Rachel Wood, Founder

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GM Frens,

The past few months have been a whirlwind. After collecting many NFTs from 1/1 artists and releasing my own work, I noticed a glaring struggle for artists and collectors to connect amid the noise.

As a collector, I love finding artist to support, but I spend too much time trying to find artist's work rather than connecting with them. By the time I find art I like, it has usually already been sold.

On the other hand, as an artist, I feel drowned out by the noise and constant pressure to ‘shill’ myself. Burnout feels inevitable for artists after having to take on a second, full-time marketing job to beat the algorithms of social media. 

Artverse connects artists and collectors in the metaverse. Artverse is my solution.


Buildship, Dev Team

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Jack Wardale, Advisor

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The Team


Does the artist or the collector buy the NFT?
Both! As an artist, buying the NFT gives you the opportunity to feature your art in our newsletter. As a collector, buying the NFT gives you front row access to our wonderful artists. 

When is the collection launching?
Wednesday, 27th April: allowlist mint
Thursday, 28th April: public mint

How many and how much will each NFT be?
This inagural release will be 333 editions at 0.05eth.

Is there a limit on how many I can purchase?
1 per wallet​

Will there ever be more than 333 NFTs?
Yes, but not yet! We are actively onboarding artists and collectors in a controlled way to optimize the value for both collectors and artists.

What cryptocurrency do I need?
Artverse is on the Ethereum blockchain, and therefore you will need Ethereum to purchase the NFT.

What artists are eligible for Artverse?
We do not discriminate here at Artverse. Artists who work with any medium, including music, are welcome!

As an artist, how do I submit my work to the Artverse newsletter?
Only Artverse holders have access to the token-gated submission forms. It will be available on the Artverse website.

As a collector, how do I receive the newsletter?
As an Artverse holder, you will be able to access the newsletter via email and be granted access to a holder-only section of the website.

How often will the newsletter be?
There will be a major publication every month, with smaller versions being sent bi-weekly.​

If I hold an Artverse NFT am I guaranteed to sell my work?*
No, but you will be given a fast pass for your work to be shown directly to prospective NFT collectors that are especially interested in 1/1 artists.​

Can I sell my NFT?
Yes. Once you have minted your Artverse NFT, you can sell or trade it with another person. Once you trade the NFT however, you will lose access to the Artverse holder benefits.

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